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How to Have Siri Read Your Texts Aloud

5 Best Apps Read Text Messages While Driving for iPhone & Android

Productivity Internet. Reading content from your apps will, however, require you to unlock your phone.

Turning this second feature on will enable your phone to read any text on the screen back to you, but it is not a completely hands-free experience. You can also adjust the speed at which content is read, and can choose from a few different voices in English, including U.

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If you close the app, however, the reading will be interrupted. A menu will appear on the screen allowing you to speed up or slow down the rate, pause, and fast forward.

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There are a few other iOS apps Tired of Reading? Why not get your iPhone to read for you instead?

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One of the coolest things of Siri can do is read your texts read out loud to you. Say you've got a bunch of unread text messages on your iPhone 4S and you don' t. iOS 5 came with a few hidden features that we've been discovering over time, and one is that it can read just about any text to you. This feature.

Do you have any tips or tricks for getting your iPhone to read text out loud to you? Let us know in the comments.

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Your iPhone has a secret feature that will read pretty much any text out loud to you! Then any time you want your phone to read something aloud, use two fingers to swipe down at the top of the screen.

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Siri will then start reading to you as a menu bar pops up, which allows you to pause and play as you wish. The speed is set to a pretty good pace, but you have the option to make it faster or slower. Find answers to your money questions in the Clark daily newsletter:.

Your iPhone has a hidden feature that will read text out loud to you Alex Thomas Sadler. Image Credit: Alex Sadler. Work from home: Top 15 companies hiring for part-time jobs in Are home warranties worth it?

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